Royal Revolt 2 Hack – Unlimited Gems and Gold

By | April 14, 2014

Royal Revolt 2 Hack is a brand new tool that will allow any player to get unlimited gems, and coins. Are you tired of saving up your gems and a long grind? The wait is finally over! Our team at Best Cheat Files made sure that this hack is 100% undetectable. After working on this hack for over 3 months, we are proud to release Royal Revolt 2 Hack for all iOS and Android devices.
royal revolt 2 hack

Features of Royal Revolt 2 Hack:

  • Unlimited Gems – Gems are the premium currency in the game. Gems can be used to speed up construction, purchase workers, buying items and even upgrading. With this tool, you can get millions of gems for free! No more spending crazy amounts of money on gems!
  • Unlimited Coins – Thanks to our tool you can also get unlimited coins in the game!
  • Buy everything in the game  for free- Unlimited gems allow you to buy anything in the game completely for free

Given how fun and addicting Royal Revolt can be, one may easily get carried away and spend as much as $90 on gems. Gems play a big role when it comes to building and upgrading in this game. Usually if players don’t want to spend money, they need to continue to attack enemies, as well as upgrading troops and defense. We thought, why wait all this time or spend this money, when you can instantly get millions of gems without any cost or time?

The first version of this game was extremely popular, but the 2nd part went off the charts. Royal Revolt 2 is a very fun game which focuses on tower defense rewarding those players who can think outside the box. In order to gain new items and bonuses, players have to upgrade farms and taverns. Building is a gradual process that depends on time and money. In order to build a successful defense, players must learn how to create mazes and how to destroy other players’ mazes as well.

The key is to expand your kingdom by fighting other kings and monarchs. When you claim their gold, you can use that gold to upgrade and build new structures. All of your opponents in the game are other players, making this essentially a PVP style of game. With this in mind, you always have to create your own towers and barricades in order to prevent your enemies from stealing your gold.

Enjoy this game to the fullest with unlimited gems and coins by downloading Royal Revolt 2 Hack now:

How To Use:
1) Download the hack by clicking the download button above
2) Connect your mobile device to your computer and launch the application
3) Choose the options which you want to have on the application and click the “Hack” button.
4) Once the hack has loaded successfully, you can disconnect your device and start playing the hacked version of Royal Revolt 2

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