How To Download

Downloading files from our amazing website is simple, it just takes minutes if not seconds. But a few users who never downloaded something on our site before may have some difficulites so we explain everything in detail here.

1. If you found a hack which you want to download, just look for the download button at the bottom of the specific hack page. Once you got it, just click this button

2. You will notice a little window poping up with some offers on it. We have this measure to test if you as visitor are a real human and not just any kind of bots. All you have to do is choosing one of these offers which suits you best. Filling out these offers is completely free and normally only takes minutes.

3. Once you filled out the offer successfully, your file will be unlocked and you will be able to download the hack and start using it in your game. Happy Hacking!

Q: I’m stuck at a specific offer, what should i do?
A: Make sure that you have disabled any kind of adblocks and enable javascript. If that still doesen’t work, just choose another offer from the list.
Q: Do I have to enter my real email and data?
A: Yes, you have to! If you enter fake data, you will be banned from this site and won’t be able to download the hack. But don’t worry, we treat your data as it would be our own!

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